Tuesday, May 05, 2009

UnConference @ Microsoft Tech.ED India 2009

UnConference @ TechED India and your chance to vote for your favorite topic.

Tech.Ed India is all about the community. In the true spirit of community we are happy to present the UnConference@TechEd India

UnConference will be hosted in the Community Pavilion @ Tech.Ed India throughout the day and streamed live. It is the event where you are the presenter and you are the ones choosing the sessions. The attendees also get an opportunity to present at UnConference. The sessions are led by third-party experts (MVPs) and intended for attendees to enjoy free-flowing dialogues about products, technologies, and solutions.

Unconference is one of the favorite ways people connect at the conference. You can meet people with similar interests and challenges in an open-forum environment at the Unconference sessions.

UnConference sessions are an eclectic mix of technology and productivity sessions. You can vote for the sessions you would like to hear at UnConference here. Apart from the technology sessions, you will also find some productivity sessions on blogging, presentation skills etc.

The attendees of Tech.Ed India form another important part of the UnConference. They can nominate themselves to be speakers at the beginning of each day and will have the opportunity to present in the post lunch session.

The list of sessions you can vote on are as follows:

Silverlight 2 & 3 Core CLR - Vikram Pendse

What's New in Silverlight 3 - Vikram Pendse

Improving Application Installation UX in Windows 7 - Vijay Raj

SQL Server 2008 Management Studio New Features - Pinal Dave

XML Support in SQL Server 2008 - Jacob Sebastian

SQL Server 2008 Beyond Relational - Arun Balachandran

ADO.NET Data Services - Chaitra Nagaraj

REST - Chaitra Nagaraj

Using Office 2007 effectively - Top 10 issues: Nitin Paranjape

IIS 7 for Devs and Admins - Mohd Abdul Muqeet Khan

XNA Game Studio- Dhaval Faria

Windows 7- Bitlocker Enhancements - Vinod Unny

Groove is the best medicine for difficult times - Ashok Hingorani

Getting started with Oslo - Mehfuz Hossain

Policy Based Management in SQL Server 2008 - Amit Bansal

Please vote by indicating your TOP 3 topics you would like to hear at UnConference on Tech.Ed Group on FaceBook here. The topics you select would be featured on the Live Streaming from UnConference@TechEd India.

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