Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Microsoft Tech.Ed India 2009 – Day I

Microsoft Tech.Ed India 2009 started with a keynote speech delivered by Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive, Microsoft Corporation.

around 10:00 am Agni started performing Tech.Ed Song, while they were ending Tech.Ed song SteveB entered on the stage with his super energetic aura.

some key points of his speech

he started he talk with talking about the economy.

he mentioned that every person in IT should tell himself every night that he made right choice by selected IT as his carrier.

Pharma, Energy Science all evolving with innovation in Information Technology.

IT Departments have been under pressure with "Do more, with less". Customers can Save money by deploying new tech, moving to more RAD Platform. Dynamic IT is more about "Do more, with less optimization".

Windows 7  and Win Server 2008 R2 to be available by Christmas Win Vista was most "talked" about OS  :) Win Mobile 6.5 to debut this year.

SharePoint is becoming Microsoft’s most revenue generating product.

during QA session SteveB steps down from the stage into the audience to take questions.


there was a question for dates of Windows Azure release dates – no direct answer from SteavB but a big hint towards PDC 2009. while answering another question about Silvelright on mobile phone SteaveB mention that Silverlight Mobile being developed from Microsoft's India Dev Center at Hyderabad .

SteveB mentioned that India is the place where most of people get trained on Computer Science  Technology and after Redmond Hyderabad development Center is words 2nd largest center for Microsoft, while answering one Question “why he choose India Tech.Ed and not US Tech.Ed this time.

that's all from SteavB key note

after that we moved to Community Zone, lots of fun there at Community Zone, all My MVP friends, UG Leads few Ms Employees were there 4 unconferance session in a day, nice sessions by my friends Vikram on sliverlight, Pinal, Amit and Jacob on SQL Server.

we also recorded small session in regional languages where we talked about Microsoft technology in our languages like Telagu, Marathi, Gujrathi etc, this will carry on tomorrow also.

mean while I got chance to attend very nice session on my favorite BizTalk RFID, a session was going on in Technology tent and fortunately I was just going by that way so I come to know about session, as this session was not printed on agenda paper, don't know why ?, but really nice discussion with BizTalk RFID Team from IDC also got some secret info about BizTalk Mobile is working with Web services and MSMQ on Mobile platform. its NDA info so cant post here… but very interesting…  tomorrow there is a session on BizTalk RFID 2009 and SharePoint, am going to attend them for sure…

We got very nice response at Community Zone, where we hosted  a Quiz and Hunt leader contest. we distributed lots of goodies like INETA/Culminis/PASS pens, t-shirts, caps, stress bolls etc.

rush at Community Zone…


there were lots of very nice session at Tech.Ed but unfortunately i was able to attend only one Technical session, but tomorrow for sure i will attend more…

and our day 1 ended with nice bear party “ Mobile Developer night”

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