Sunday, August 29, 2004

List of variuos .NET Compilers

you can find out the list of .net compilers here

it not possible to list them here. so chek them on my group postings.

Mahesh Mitkari

Monday, August 16, 2004

Official Launch Of PUGStudent

The " PUGStudent " (the special groups for Students under Pune .net User Group ) were launched officially on 15th August 2004.

Event Details :

Date: 15th August 2004
Time: 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Topic: C# Vs Java (Similarities and Differences)
Speaker: Sarang Datye
Total Attendance: 30+

The total experience of this event was amazing. All problems from strating to end teaches us (specialy me) many things of organizing the event.

Around 9:45 or 9:50 I reaches there at venue with heavy bag of CDs and all goodies. I saw that around 7-8 students was standing there may waiting someone. As soon as I reach at gate of building one of them asked me that "Do you have the keys of Room". I realley shoked when I saw that the room which is given to us for conducting the session is locked and no one of that college is there. I say No, and asked to that guy for Hardik in between hardik came there and told me that "Are mahesh , panga ho gaya re". so that mens he doesn't have the keys with him and all the peons have gone home after the 'Independance Day' program in college".I can't understand what to say to Hardik. I just say that Do something go and search some one or your HOD who and give us the keys of room. aftersome time around 5-10 mins Hardik comes with the some faculty and finaly we got the keys. by this time sarang also came there.

We all let out a sigh of relief just to find out that there's a power cut off. After seeing the enthu with which people had gathered to know what is it that is making C# gain so much of popularity, we decided to still take up the presentation. We change the way things will happen during the presentation. Sarang announce that, since the power has been cutoff, if we conduct the presentation in the usual way without the slides and demos, it will sound like a college lecture. The only way to put in some juice in the presentation now is that we all take active part in the presentation.The crowd agrees. We make a deal, the audience should raise points about exciting and nice features of java and I shall give them C# equivalents. And after that, we will move to "What's more that is offered in C#".

It was a gr8 success. We not only walked away with a rating of 4 to 5 on a scale of 5 but also heard comments that we should have similar such sessions where the audience can also contribute to the discussion. After a vote of thanks the gang dispersed. We were supposed to have a session on Yukon soon after for the PUG meet. But we had to postpone that because No power

This is some thing about our launch event of PUG studnet. I realy can't forgot this experence in my life.

Mahesh Mitkari
Asst. Manager (PUG) , Manager (PUGStudent)

Thursday, August 12, 2004

DevCon 2004 @ Mumbai

DevCon 2004 @ Mumbai

DevCon 2004 : Mumbai"DevCon is a developer event organized by the developer community for the developer community " The objective is to enable developers to request for topics which they wish to be educated about and delivery of such content is by developers who are expert speakers. It covers topics which are of interest to developers chosen by developers themselves.

DevCon is a event organized by INETA , Mumbai User Group and Pune User Group at Thakur Engineerin College Kandivali,Mumbai on 7th and 8th August 2004. This year DevCon was targeted both to professionals and academics with two separate tracks of sessions for students and professionals.

I Volunteered for DevCon 2004 as the volunteere of INETA.

The topics forProfessional Track : (7th Aug. 2004, FULL DAY)
1. Skills in effective Software Development or Things to take care of whilewriting industrial strength applications - Dr. Nitin Paranjpe
2. Visual Studio 2005 Team System - Raj Chaudhuri
3. Yukon SQL Server 2005 - Nauzad Kapadia
4. VS.NET Developer Tips, Tricks and Secrets - Dr. Nitin Paranjpe

Students Track: (8th Aug. 2004, FULL DAY)

1. Introduction to .NET - Nauzad Kapadia
2. Building applications for Mobile Devices - Sanjay Shetty
3. VB.NET Inside Out - Raj Chaudhuri4. .NET VS JAVA - Akila Manian

It was my bad luck that I was not able to attend the first session of Dr. Nitin Paranjpe from startinfg; but whatever part I attend of that session was very exciting. He told about keeping the focus on the end-user of the application you build. You can sell something worth 30$ for 3000+$ for this he gave good example of Stopwatch.

The session on the Visual Studio 2005 Team System was great. The Visual studio 2005 Team system is something very exciting and this is the session I like the most session among all session . Mr. Raj Chaudhari explain in a really very good manner about this coming Visual Studio 2005 system.

Student Track : Day 2

Mobile application session with Sanjay was really great . I attend the Sanjay's session after such long time of around 7-8 month.The strating part of Akila's session was helpfull for me. but when she go in to deep of C#and Java then that was somewhat hammering for me since I don't have much idea of Java and C#. but It helped me understand C# . Anyways I know that Akila's session are always good.I couldn't attend the session of Nuazad. Nuazad sorry for that.Couldn't attend all the sessions as I was also volunteering .working with MUG volunteers was good experience. I got some new friend. I can take the name of Dhaval as my new good friend at DevCon from all of them

.We also planning to have this DevCon Event at Pune in September and at other cities like banglore, Delhi etc...

INETA India Volunteer.
Asst.Manager Pune User Group