Thursday, April 02, 2009

SharePoint Designer available as a free download

Today i was going through my RSS feeds in outlook and Came to know very surprising and shocking post on SharePoint Team blog.

Yes, they mention on their blog that “SharePoint Designer available as a free download”. first thing came in mind that this must be April fool post but when checked download link and actually tested it then i believe that this is a real GIFT from Microsoft to all SharePoint Designers.

its really a good news for all. but its more shocking news also since till now this SharePoint designer was not even included in Office Suite with word, excel etc as free. you need to get it separately  and now they directly made available as FREE.

anyways here is link to download it free of cost.

Free Download SharePoint Designer 2007

there are some other resources also which you must see…

a) Letter to our Customers

b) Frequently Asked Questions

Also, make sure to watch this video where Tom Rizzo and J.R. Arredondo discuss these changes and provide some insights into what is coming in the future (pick the appropriate version for your bandwidth).

· Small size video (6MB)

· Medium size video (17 MB)

· Large size video (83 MB)


so download SharePoint Designer and enjoy !!!


Source: Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog

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