Monday, January 31, 2011

Free In-depth Windows Azure Training Videos

Windows Azure Jump Start Training Videos!

Microsoft hosted another new and exclusive Jump Start virtual training event, this time covering the Windows Azure Platform.

“Building Cloud Applications using the Windows Azure Platform” was tailored for application architects and developers interested in leveraging the cloud.

Who is the target audience for this training?

  • Application Architects and Developers
  • Customers and partners already building a Windows Azure pilot project or planning to migrate an application to the Windows Azure Platform
  • Companies searching for real-world answers as they consider whether or not the Windows Azure Platform fits their needs.

What’s the high-level overview?

  • The entire course is 12 hours long.
  • Every section is about an hour length, so it’s easy for you to find just what they need.
  • Every section is led by two of the most respected authorities on Microsoft development technologies, David S. Platt (popular Microsoft Press author from Rolling Thunder Computing ) and Manu Cohen-Yashar (Professor and Senior Consultant, SELA Technical College, Tel Aviv, IS) plus their dialog and banter is quite engaging!

Where do I go for this great training?

The link to session one below will provide you with everything you need, but if you want to pick out a specific topic a link to each topic is below:

· Session 01: Windows Azure Overview

· Session 02: Introduction to Compute

· Session 03: Windows Azure Lifecycle, Part 1

· Session 04: Windows Azure Lifecycle, Part 2

· Session 05: Windows Azure Storage, Part 1

· Session 06: Windows Azure Storage, Part 2

· Session 07: Introduction to SQL Azure

· Session 08: Windows Azure Diagnostics

· Session 09: Windows Azure Security, Part 1

· Session 10: Windows Azure Security, Part 2

· Session 11: Scalability, Caching & Elasticity, Part 1

· Session 12: Scalability, Caching & Elasticity, Part 2, and Q&A

· Links to course materials and code samples

For about anything Windows Azure, including links to trial accounts, available offers, and all Windows Azure training & certification options, go to the Microsoft Learning Windows Azure Training Portal.

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