Friday, September 17, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools RTM now

Today Microsoft announced the final release of its Windows Phone 7 Developer tools (RTM) which will enable developers to create beautiful Windows Phone 7 apps that take advantage of the phone’s new application platform, unique features and capabilities. The developer community was very excited for this release specially from the day Microsoft announced its WP7 RTM and we are happy that as promised they released the RTM version of Developers tool on today.

Click here to download the web installer.

Click here to download ISO image.

as mentioned by Scott G on his blog, this download includes following tools which are required for any one to write an application for WP7, and good news is all these tools are FREE.
  • Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone – Free edition of VS 2010 for Phone development.
  • Express Blend 4 for Windows Phone – Free version of Blend for Windows Phone 7 Development.
  • Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 – Rich framework for building great applications for Windows Phone 7.
  • XNA Game Studio for Windows Phone 7 Rich framework that enables you to build great 2D and 3D games for Windows Phone 7.
  • Windows Phone Emulator – A hardware accelerated emulator that allows you to run and debug your applications and games without requiring a phone.
  • Phone Registration Tool – When you get a device, this allows you to “unlock” the device so you can run/debug your application on it, using your Marketplace account.
This setup also add support to your existing installation of Visual Studio 2010.

Important things about installation and supporting  environment:

  1. This only support Windows Vista (x86 and x64) with SP2  and Windows 7(x86 and x64).
  2. Installation requires 3 GB of free disk space on the system drive along with 2 GB RAM.
  3. Windows Phone Emulator requires a DirectX 10 or later graphics card with WDDM 1.1 driver.
  4. Windows XP, Windows Server, Virtual PC and Hyper-V are not supported.
  5. you must uninstall any earlier version of WP7 Developer tool like CTP, beta etc. before installing the new version
  6. Windows Phone Developer Tools (WPDT) RTM is only compatible with the RTM version of Visual Studio 2010. If you have any version of Visual Studio 2010 product family other than Visual Studio 2010 RTM installed on your computer, setup will stop and instruct you to uninstall the product or a set of components.
Before starting installation and using Read Release notes carefully. you can download Release notes here

What’s New in Windows Phone Developer Tools

  1. The Bing Maps Silverlight Control has been added to the Windows Phone Developer Tools
  2. The Panorama and Pivot controls have been added to the Windows Phone Developer Tools.
  3. A number of new performance features have been added to the Windows Phone Developer Tools. The white paper Creating High Performing Silverlight Applications for Windows Phone highlights these features.
  4. Added the following APIs to Microsoft.Phone.Controls namespace

  5. Added the following APIs Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Primitives namespace
you can read more details about these changes in APIs or documentation at


Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone 7

This windows phone 7 toolkit also included the 6 new Silverlight controls which are available under MS-PL licensee just like the most popular Silverlight toolkit. this includes ContextMenu, DatePicker, TimePicker, WrapPanel, ToggleSwitch , GestureService. you can download binary files of this or a full source code at

Windows Phone 7 Training Kit for Developers - RTM Refresh

Microsoft also released the RTM refresh for WP7 training kit for developers. This Windows Phone 7 Training Kit for developers will give you a jumpstart into the new Windows Phone world by providing you with a step-by-step explanation of the tools to use and some key concepts for programming Windows Phones.
you can download this at

JumpStart training

Microsoft hosting an online webcast from 21st of Sept, 2010, click on below link to register for this event or to get more details.
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Advanced Topics - Part 1
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Advanced Topics- Part 2
Preliminary Schedule
Part One: June 21, 2010 8am-11am PDT
Session One: Panorama and Pivots
Session Two: Bing Maps
Session Three: XNA Part 1
Session Four: XNA Part 2
Part Two: June 21, 2010 12pm-4pm PDT
Session Five: Planning and Optimizing for Performance, Part 1
Session Six: Planning and Optimizing for Performance, Part 2
Session Seven: Windows Phone 7 Design and Design using Microsoft Blend
Session Eight: Live Q&A Panel with Microsoft SME’s


Some Important links for you to kick start your windows phone 7 development or learning.

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