Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Windows Azure Tools for VS 2010 RC

Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio extend Visual Studio to enable the application development for Windows Azure platform.
The Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 1.1 (February 2010) support the Visual Studio 2010 RC and Visual Studio 2008 SP1.
What's New in version 1.1:
Windows Azure Drive: Enable a Windows Azure application to use existing NTFS APIs to access a durable drive. This allows the Windows Azure application to mount a page blob as a drive letter, such as X:, and enables easy migration of existing NTFS applications to the cloud.

OS Version Support: Allows a Windows Azure application to choose the appropriate Guest OS to run on in the cloud.
Bug Fixes
  1. StorageClient: Expose account key from storage credentials, expose continuation tokens for pagination, and reduce maximum buffer size for parallel uploads.
  2. Windows Azure Diagnostics: Fix path corruption for crash dumps, OnDemandTransfer now respects LogLevelFilter.
  3. VS 2010: Improved packaging performance.
  4. VS 2010: Support for linked files in Web projects.
  5. VS 2010: Support for ASP.NET web project web.config transformations.
  6. Certificate selection lists certificates from LocalMachine\My instead of CurrentUser\My.
  7. Right click on Role under Roles folder to select whether to launch the browser against HTTP, HTTPS or not at all.
Note: To use the Windows Azure Tools with VS 2010 Beta 2, please use the November 2009 release.

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