Monday, January 25, 2010

Rangers shipped Visual Studio 2010 TFS Upgrade Guide

Team System Rangers ( or now Visual studio ALM rangers) deliver out of band solutions for missing features and guidance in the Team System suite of products.
This time rangers came up with Visual Studio 2010 TFS upgrade guide on CodePlex. This guide covers scenarios which may be encountered during and after the upgrade process. It provides examples of most common and potential issues. It covers scenarios related to general Upgrade Process, Work Item Templates, Reports, and Enterprise TFS Management (ETM). Although this guide refers to TFS 2008 scenarios, almost all the concepts apply also to TFS 2005.
This content was created with support from Microsoft Product Group, Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) and technical specialists from technology communities around the globe.

What is in the package?
A single document with the following contents:
1 Introduction
2 Upgrade Process
3 Scenarios
3.1 Upgrading Projects from Multiple TFS 2008 servers into one TFS 2010 server
3.2 Upgrading severs when SQL Mirroring is enabled
3.3 Recovering system if upgrade fails midway
3.4 Updating Team Project Portal for an existing Team project
3.5 Splitting Team Project Collection into Multiple Collections
3.6 When I move a Team Project Collection, how do I move the reports?
3.7 Bringing Workgroup Machine inside Domain
4 Frequently Asked Questions
4.1 Can I use a TFS2008 Process Template to create team projects in TFS 2010
4.2 How can I enable Agile Workbooks in upgraded Projects
4.2.1 Enabling the Product Backlog Workbook
4.2.2 Enabling the Iteration Backlog Workbook
4.3 How can I enable Test Case Management in upgraded project
4.4 How can I enable Branch Visualization in upgrade projects
4.5 How can I enable Lab Management in upgrade projects
4.6 What is WIT Admin Tool
4.7 What happens to my custom reports created in TFS2008 post upgrade?
4.8 Will my old TFS2008 reports work post upgrade?
4.9 Can I add a new Database to my existing TFS 2010 farm?
4.10 Error bringing cloned Team Project Collection online
4.11 Move Team Project Collection Database from one Database server to another Database Server
4.12 How to enable the TFS reports if the WSS server is upgraded to MOSS server?
4.13 How to Move Team Projects from one Team Project Collection to another
5 References

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