Thursday, December 24, 2009

Code Metrics for Manageable Source Code

Today i hosted a webcast at Microsoft on "Code Metrics for Manageable Source Code" .
you can download ppt from following link
In today's webcast we covered

  • ¨Writing Quality Code
  • ¨Measuring Complexity and Maintainability of Managed Code
  • Code Metrics
    • Maintainability Index
    • Cyclomatic Complexity
    • Class Coupling
    • Depth of Inheritance
    • Lines of Code
  • How to… ?
    • Calculate Code Metrics Result Data
    • View the Code Metrics Results Window
    • Filter Code Metrics Results
    • Add, Remove, or Rearrange Columns
    • Copy results to the Clipboard
    • Export Results to Excel
    • Create a Work Item Based on a Result
  • Code Metrics as Check-in Policy ?

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