Friday, November 10, 2006

When LUCK became part of your life…

Must be shocked??? … Why I’m saying this…
Since I won the Xbox 360 
Yessssss!!!! Now I have my Xbox 360…. Thanks to IndiMIX and Microsoft for this.
I’m the winner of a quiz hosted at IndiMIX 06. This is a big surprise for me… I never expected or dream that I could have an Xbox360 at my home.
This year 2006 is really a LUCKY year for me specially this last quarter … How?
Last month I was awarded as a MVP by Microsoft and just after that in a month I won Xbox360…in a Microsoft event. Don’t you think I am so lucky after this…? And there are many thing like this where luck plays positive role on my side. Except one...  this is not right place to explore that
Yesterday I was about to loose that... But since I’m luck I got that.
Yesterday after submitting the quiz, in the next session I come to know that one question may be wrong… I was not sure and then I think there is no chance to win any prize for that. As I said I never imagine that I could win a prize for a quiz. So when Bob was giving a closing note by Microsoft. I was there in the third row on my sit when he finishes and started QA section I was getting boar for that since people where asking stupid questions so I went out of the hall and had a water and was planning not to go inside since everything is over except that QA and announcement of winners . But don’t know how I again get inside and sit at last row. The QA with bob was going on. Between Tarun Gulati interrupts the QA and started announcements of the quiz winners.
He said, “There are 2 winners of Xbox360, but there is only one Xbox360 so will take first name and if that person is not here will give it to second winner so winner of Xbox360 isss ssss sss s s Mahesh Mitkari………….. I was shocked I stand up and went up to the stage and took the prize 
Just imagine if I didn’t come back in hall I could loose that…
That’s why I’m saying I’m so lucky person since LUCK is became a part of my life…

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