Sunday, February 20, 2005

DevCon 2005 @ Pune

DevCon 2005 : (Pune)
"DevCon is a developer event organized by the developer community for the developer community " The objective is to enable developers to request for topics which they wish to be educated about and delivery of such content is by developers who are expert speakers. It covers topics which are of interest to developers chosen by developers themselves.

DevCon is a event organized by INETA and Pune User Group Allana Institute. As like last year This year also DevCon was targeted both to professionals and academics with two separate tracks of sessions for students and professionals.

Attendees :

Professionals: 170
Students: 194

The most impotent thing about student track is that the guy at registration told me that 4-5 students came from Gujrat only to attend this Event. and think this is the biggest success of this event.

the first day started of with an inauguration ceremony by Dr.
Khedkar (Director of ALLANA Institute) and then the MVP's and speakers lighted the traditional lamp.

After that first session started on "Office 2003 and .NET 2003" - Raj Chaudhuri.
the second session was on Reflection. after second session the lunch break was there and the launch was provided by ineta.
after lunch Nauzad took NTD and ClickOnce after that Raj started with ASP.NET Security session and took a big session on ASP.NET security as well as a samll tuch to windows security.
and this ends the first day. we distributed the MSDN magazines and come DVDs/CDs also on first day.
on second day Sarang and Akila took up the first session on Introduction to Web Services.

then Raj started with .NET on Non - Windows platform with cool demos on parallel on a dual projection (windows and linux )After lunch Nauzad went great with OO features in .NET 2.0 and finally Sarang ended the day and the event with a session on "Moving to Visual Basic .NET"
we gave away the ARKs to all students.

BTW before 3 days of the event I visited to around 15-16 main colleges of Pune. and its really good that 40% students were from those colleges where i visited and had a talk with the principals and HODs about the event.
also one more thing which i should mention that I was there at venue from 3 days before the actual day working and managing the work with Aallna's students . on a day before I called up dhaval and at that time he told me the no of registrations. I was shocked since the number went to beyond the capacity of hall. then i talked with Sagar (the student from allna who manages the projection system and all stuff ) he said don't worry we can do the arrangement in 1/2 hr to project the same session in another hall.

I can say We got the success more than expected from pune ppls.

thanks to all the Volunteers from Aallna , and PUG also for making this event succesful.

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