Friday, January 07, 2005

Apple and orange

Today there was a a seminar by a person who is a Software Engineer in IBM he Explain in the first slide of his presentation that he is strong promotor of Open soure so I set my mind to hear some unwanted segments about the Microsoft during the whole presentation. since it is the standard thing that the peoples from open source can't able to complete there sessions without saying something about the microsoft or ms product.

And you know it happened like same as i thought.

in almost all his examples of Testing (ohh I forgot to tell you that the seminar topic was about the testing) he said at least one sentence about the Microsoft product, bugs, windows and crashes of the windows, security patches etc.

during the QA session someone ask him about the longhorn (shocked na ! me too since the guy asking the question about the microsoft product to the person who is from IBM hhhh!!!!)

during this question he also comment on the microsoft marketing.... in place of giving the technical answer to that question which is about the directx and a graphics hardware requirement for longhorn (that student said that some special graphics hardware required for the longhorn ! I try to find out that on microsoft site but didn't get any thing like he said.) during this questions I comment on his answer and i decide to meet him(speaker) after the session

and after session I went to the stage and meet him. and ask some questions to him.

my one question to him was about the graphics of "FEDORA" the latest Ver. of Linux. I ask him that the Graphics of the FEDORA 3 is excellent but it is very slow to operate compare to Xp. I'm expecting some technical answer from him but you know what he said

" You are comparing the Apple and orange" (don't know windows is Apple or orange)

suddenly i through question that if in the case of comparing the graphics and the speed of OS LINUX and windows it is like Apple and Orange

why these LINUX peoples compare the Apple and Orange in case of security ?

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