Sunday, December 05, 2004

India Community Chats

Microsoft has launched the community chats for India. What is the difference between the community chat and an MSDN Chat? A question must come in your mind as like me. One of my friends from Microsoft explains this question like this I put it down in his words …

MSDN Chats were primarily developer chats around MS Dev tools and technologies. Community chats cover the rest of them that include products like Office, Windows and any other MS topic... We are even encouraging non-technical topics like people's experience with MSN and other philosophies.

MSDN chats are primarily operated as an "expert" mode chat. In the chat all the attendees ask their questions and the expert answers them. In the community chat we let people share ideas and have a true "community" experience. There is a "leader" who takes leads in answering the questions and the chat is open for everyone else to contribute in answering the questions apart from just asking them.

Here is some info for you

The lists of community chats due in the future are available

Microsoft counts your community participation in the web chats and awards you with mileage points for the same. You can register for community mileage program

what’s even better is that you can conduct a community chat yourself if you so desire. If you want to conduct any community chat, please register Microsoft will get in touch with you to confirm the date and time of the chat.

If there is a suggestion that you have regarding community chats, please feel free to write to Microsoft at

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