Monday, October 11, 2004

Student Chapter started in Cummins college of Engg

Finally we started with a long pending Student Chapter
in Cummins College of Engg for Women on the 9th
October 2004.

our saturday started on 9:00 am atallana institute where I and sarang was there for the regular C# session.I reaches let that is by 9:30 butI didn't miss any thing as sarang not started the session. after session over by 12 / 12:30 we left for the Cummins college while going we pickup Hardik on way and eat "WadaPav" since both I and sarnag not take the luanch.

In cummins we started some what late. here Hardik did a presentation on INETA's and Microsoft's
academic initiatives. He also spoke about DevCon,
Imagine Cup, The Student Project Program and The
Spoke. After that we started of with introducing .NET
to the students of Cummins. Totally the entire thing
lasted for 2 1/2 hours. (1:45 to 4:15).

After the session in Cummins we left for MIT college
where we were gonna have the PUG meet.

We had a session on .NET Remoting and Web Services at
1700 hrs) taken up by Harsha Kumar (a student
volunteer from Cummins) and Sarang [MVP]. Not to forget we had a
special guest appearance from Nauzad, who ended the
session with a cool demo on Authentication in Web

After the UG meet we have surprise for Sarang...A Black
Forest Cake for he, from the UG Managers and Volunteer, for becoming
an MVP! We all enjoyed the cake and then the enthu
didn't end there...

we all went to this place called Olivia and had a
great dinner! As sarang treating everyone for dinner We were discussing beserk things over dinner right from longhorn to a lady called gayatri deshpande! :)) There's a phrase in Hindi "Samazdar ko Ishara Kafi..." :))

And then we all saw each other off. Simply, it was a
wonderful day.

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