Saturday, July 24, 2004

Secret of completing your MCSD.NET within 2 months (Correct Order of Exams)

Dear Members,

Now, The secret of completing your MCSD.NET within 2 months only.

The best sequence of taking MCAD.NET + MCSD.NET EXAMS :

1) 70-306 VB.NET/70-316 C# ( and ADO.NET) is covered => 15 days

2) 70-310 VB.NET / 70-320 C# (XML Web Services and COM+) its better you concentrate on XML Web Services + a Solid knowledge on ADO.NET + some of COM+ stuff will help to clear in one go. =>20 days

3) 70-229 ( SQL Server 2000) - the simplest paper, which I have came across after 70-176 (Designing Desktop App. with VB 6.0) => hardly a weekNow ,

you have acheived MCAD.NET in just 40 days.Finally, way to MCSD.NET -

4) 70-305 VB.NET/70-315 C# ( and ADO.NET + ASP.NET) is covered, beacuse u have to take a look on ASP.NET only(i.e. u all have covered VB.NET+ADO.NET during the 1st paper, so try to make a proper understanding of ADO.NET + VB.NET when you are studying it for the 1st paper. This will also help you in your future) => a week

5) 70-300 : Now, the time is to work for some great things-> ARDSA.NET - try to go through as many case studies as much you can. Better you choose some MS-Press Self Paced Preperation guides.=> 15 daysNow you all are MCSD.NET in just + 20 days. Always use the Step by Step series and Self Paced Learning Kits for the preparation of these exams from MS Press.They are the best books which I have come across.BEST OF LUCK FOR ALL, going to Microsoft way

Thanks to my friend Surabh Verma [MVP] for this Secrets.


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